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3 Tips to Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone

If you have a 8, 16, 32, or even a 64 gigabyte iPhone, you might be running into a storage space issue.

The first thought that can come to your mind would be to go out and buy the 128GB iPhone. Though a valid solution, getting a new iPhone with more storage can be quite costly, $849 to be exact.

To help you save money we would like propose another solution: Know how to manage your iPhone storage space.

Today we will teach you how to do just that!

1. Check which apps take the most storage space.

How to get to this screen: General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage

Once on that screen you will see which apps take up the most storage on your iPhone. For most folks the Photos and Messages App will take up the most space.

2. Stop keeping text messages forever.

How to get to this screen: Settings > Messages > Keep Messages

Messages can take up a lot of your space especially the ones with attachments. You can change your settings so that after 1 year or 30 Days messages get deleted automatically.

Many of you still have messages from your first iPhone in 2007 which can take up tons of storage, so go ahead and delete them!

3. Backup with Google Photos then delete old photos and videos.

Deleting photos is a scary thing. A photo might be the last memory of someone or something. But photos don’t have to take up space on your iPhone.

Google has a app called Google Photos that offers free unlimited photo and video cloud storage. Thats right! Unlimited. All you need is a Google account the the Google Photos app.

After downloading and setting up everything it will take a few days for the app to download all your photos to the cloud. Once all photos are backed up google will ask you if you want to delete backed up photos from your device. Agree and bam you have tons of free space!

The awesome part about it is that now you can access your photos from any where in the world!

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