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Write for DealzCity!

Although fairly new, DealzCity.com and our blog site Blog.DealzCity.com are growing very rapidly and are becoming the to go place for finding great deals and money saving tips.

A website establishes itself as an authority by providing great content and we looking for great writers that can produce great content.

So if you know a way on how to save money (or time, because time = money) we would be more than happy to publish an article by you!

What’s in it for me?

  1. Backlinks:  You will be allowed to promote your own site/blog, and provide a trackable ref link back to your site.
  2. Exposure:  Your profile will be posted on our Authors page, giving you more exposure and credibility.
  3. Compensation:  We compensate our writers for every article that they publish!
  4. Affiliate Commissions:  We are partnered with 350+ advertisers (and counting).  Most of our articles contain affiliate links, which means we make commissions for every sale that we refer.  When you write an article from which we make commissions, we will split those earnings with you, for the life of the article.
    1. How much commission can you earn:  We are not allowed to disclose the exact amount, but from a good article with affiliate links a writer can earn anywhere from $20-$1000+.  The writer receives 50% of our earnings, and will continue to receive earnings from the article they wrote indefinitely.

How do I get started?

Very easy!  Just click button below to apply for a Publisher account.  Once we review and approve your account, you will receive a message and a link to start writing your articles!

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